Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cocktail Time (vector & scetch)

Dream Girl


  1. is this the character from your previous work?
    i like the sketch and the way you finalize it to vector. adorable :D

  2. Oh, thank you)) Very nice to hear your assessment;)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks))
      I do not know very well the English
      what you mean - "Whith tablet"?)

    2. I do not know very well the English too :))
      Does the paper through a computer drawing tablets, then do you complete? (I wrote through Google translate.)

    3. I also use a translator Google))
      English brings together;)
      I drew a sketch on paper first, and then processed in CorelDraw)

  4. Hi,my dear friend. I'm wondering, your drawings CorelDraw to transfer, how you are doing. I do not know this program. Do you have your video showing you how you doing? Or I can learn corel Do you know of a video or link? If you help me I would be grateful to you.
    Sincerely ...

    Мой дорогой друг. Я твой Corel чертежи для передачи, мне интересно, как вы делаете. Я не знаю этой программы. У вас есть видео, показывающее, как вы делаете? Или я могу узнать Corel Знаете ли вы видео или ссылку? Если вы поможете мне, что я был бы признателен вам.
    С уважением ...

    Будем надеяться, что Google-перевод перевод был правильный :)
    Hopefully, google-translate the translation was correct :)

    1. Hi)
      I am very pleased that you like my images)))
      Unfortunately, I do not have the video showing how I draw in Corel. I learned to draw from the book, and then on their own experience. And I do not know how to do video tutorials ... (
      But the network a lot of lessons in this program. And it is not difficult to master) Although many more like installed Adobe Illustrator;) I'll give you links to lessons on Corel & Illustrator, and you choose what you prefer;)
      But if you do not know Corel, then you will be better to take a tutorial on this program. Because the lessons are designed for what you are able to work in Corel.
      That's one of the tutorials:
      If something is unclear - please contact me, I'll try to help)
      In the near future will put a tutorial on some of my pictures - especially for you))